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Ad-Din Introduces an Integrated integrated donation experience with PayPal.

Start accepting donations with Ad-Din via the PayPal Donate button in minutes.

Set up Goal and Campaign content in Ad-Din. It works just like a checkout button and makes it safer and faster to accept donation money online from anybody around the globe.


  1. Assuming you have set up your charity with PayPal if not do that first at Accepting Donations | Donate Button | PayPal CA

  2. Once the Account is ready go to Applications - PayPal Developer

  3. In PayPal Developer click on the Home

  4. Scroll and look for API Credentials, and click on it.

  5. Change this button to Live on top right corner.

  6. Click on Create App under the REST API Apps

  7. Name it Donations and click on Create App.

  8. Copy the Client ID and Secret in a notepad. Leave all the other settings as is.

  9. Now click on Business Dashboard from the top menu.

  10. Here, click on Pay & Get Paid from the top menu, click on Donations

  11. Choose Customize a button here.

  12. on Step 1 of 4 ensure these settings and click on Continue button

  13. On Step 2 of 4

    1. Upload your charitable organization logo,

    2. add an optional appealing text and background Image.

    3. On How do you want to display your donation page? make sure to select Pop-up experience

    4. and click on Continue.

  14. On Step 3

    1. select the base currency

    2. for How much do you want donors to give? choose Set 3 amounts options, plus any amount. choose your choice of the payment options

    3. Image RemovedImage Added

      Ensure to enable “Let donors make a monthly recurring donations?”

      Add the programs of your choice.

    4. Verify all the above and now click on Continue Button.

  15. On Step 4 or 4

    1. Enable Get donor’s mailing addresses, this will help to send donations receipt to them at the year end.

    2. Keep other button disabled/off, such as

      1. Let donors send you an optional note with their donation

      2. Take donors back to your website

      3. Add extra HTML button variables (We will come back to this in a moment)

  16. Click on Finish, the donation page will be created with a unique ID.

  17. Copy the ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. click on Edit then click on Continue till you reach step 4.

  19. Now enable Add extra HTML button variables

  20. enter custom={ID YOU RECORDED IN THE STEP 17 ABOVE}, it should look like below.

  21. Click on Finish

  22. Log out of the PayPal.

  23. Log in to

  24. Click on the Donation menu icon and click on Payment Settings

  25. Select your Masjid

  26. Enter the Client ID and Secret we copied in step#8 above carefully and save it. You should see the message successfully saved.

  27. Now click on the Donations menu icon again and click on Donation this time.

  28. Select your Masjid and click on Add

  29. Fill in the Title, Sub Title, and Content and load the SIZE OPTIMIZED IMAGES.

  30. Click Save when done.

  31. Visit your organization’s webpage in the Website running from Ad-Din. i.e.

  32. Test the Donate Now button on the donation that just appeared on your website.

  33. You can click on the text or image to open the full donation page.

  34. Once donations are received, 2 hours later after final validation they will begin to appear in the Ad-Din portal as well which can be exported in a CSV file.