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You can modify the Discount Type any time, it will be effective immediately on any unpaid invoices. Paid invoices will remain as is.

  • Adding New Class to Existing Payment Type is not possible.

  • You must simply create a new Payment Type for the Newly Added Classes Only


If you deleted the Payment Type and re-created to include the newly added classes, you will end up seeing duplicate invoices.

If you run in to this issue you will have to,

  1. Manually cancel the duplicate invoices.

  2. One easiest way to do is rename the payment type name with “New” at the end and save it.

  3. This will update the invoices in queue with the name of the payment type that generated them.

  4. Further filter by the class and section, Select and cancel all the duplicate invoices, except the old invoices generated by earlier payment type.

  5. Keep the new invoices generated for new classes by new Payment Type.

  6. Once this is done your equation is now balanced.

  7. Next month onward the Invoices will be generated by newly created Payment Type for all the classes normal.

Below image explains how you can distinguish between the invoices generated by two different Payment Types




  1. As soon as Payment Type is saved the current and future month invoices will appear on this tab.

  2. You can filter the duration to see the past or future one month invoices.

  3. As you can see the Aayid Shaikh got 150$ invoice instead of 350$, as it was added as exception to payment type.

  4. From this point you can either manage the Receipts from Web portal or Ad-Din Mobile App.