How to View, Add, Edit, Delete Recognitions

  • Estimated time to complete: 15 Minute
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Prerequisites:
    • Madrasah account is approved.
    • Your have Madrasah Admin rights.
    • Teachers accounts are added
    • Students accounts are added
    • Classes are added
    • Class Section are added


  • Recognitions are one of the best way to motivate students.
  • Keeping up to date Recognitions are useful to keep everyone in the know.
  • Upon adding the Recognitions an automated email with certificate is sent out to the receiver's email.
  • Recognitions will be visible to all Madrasah Role Based users such as (Admin, Teacher, Parents, Students).
  • In Ad-Din solution you can add two types of Recognitions

    Student Recognition

    Teacher Recognition

    From Teacher > To Student

    From Teacher > To Teacher

    From Teacher > To Guest

    From Teacher > To Guest

    From Guest > To Student

    From Guest > To Teacher

    From Guest > To Guest

    From Guest > To Guest

  • Below are the types of Recognitions available for Teachers and Students

    Student Recognition Types

    Teacher Recognition Types

    Student of the Month

    Years of Service Award

    Student of the Year

    Teacher of the Month

    Most Improved Student of the Month

    Teacher of the Year

    Most Improved Student of the Year

    Perfect Attendance Award

    Perfect Attendance Award

    Extracurricular Award

    Extracurricular Award

    Certificate of Acknowledgement

    Certificate of Appreciation

    The procedure to add Recognitions varies in,

  • Ad-Din Mobile App and
  • Ad-Din Web Portal

However, you only have to add a Recognitions once, using either device type and it will be available on all device types automatically. Select the one applies to you,

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