Signup and Enroll in a Class-Program at your Madrasah-School using Ad-Din Web Portal.

Open the supported browser, i.e. Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Enter in the web browser's address bar.

Click on Signup

Fill in Username, email and the password of your choice. Ensure the Email is accurate.

When ready click on Signup

Allow the Location access for system to show you the nearby Organizations.

Select Your Home Masjid (if not listed, enter the name of city in search) select and Click Next,

Select Your Home Madrasah/School (if not listed, enter the name of city in search) select from the list and click Next

Click Next on Follow Organizations (this is optional)

And click on Finish, Click on I am ready Let's Go

Expand the Navigation Menu by clicking on the top left icon.

Click on Madrasah/School than click on Signup for a Program

Ensure your Home Madrasah/School is accurate, scroll down and click on Next.

Fill in the Mandatory Parent Details, click Next. (Salutation & * are mandatory)

Fill in Child Details. Choose the program correctly.

Click on Next, review the details and either click on Add Another child or Review & Submit

Click on Finish when done.

Review the confirmation letter and click OK to complete and exit the page.

School/Madrasah Admin will receive a notification and should review and approve the enrollment soon. upon approval you will get another notification to confirm the same. 

The Complete Solution for Masajid and Madrasah Management.