About Attendance Email and Push Notification

When a Teacher/Administrator mark the attendance on Ad-Din, an email and push notification are sent to the parent. Below explains what communication for what Attendance status are sent. 


Email is sent to the Parent for all Attendance Status except the Present.

Push Notification

Push Notification are sent to the Parents for all attendance Status, parent must have Ad-Din App on their phone and MUST be logged in via Parents account.

If a teacher mark students Absent, and when students show up late, and instead of updating the attendance status of student as "Late" if marked present, no email will be sent to the parent, this may lead to some confusions, hence teacher must update the Attendances with correct status at all time.

A policy must be enforced by Organization to define what time the attendances will be taken least, not present at that time would be considered as "Absent", and late commer post the defined time must be updated with "Late" Status, of which notification and email will be sent as described above.

Sample letter/message to Parents

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