How to View, Add, Edit Attendance

  • Estimated time to complete: 15 Minute
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Prerequisites:
    • Madrasah account is approved.
    • Madrasah Admin or Teacher rights.
    • Admin, Teachers & Students accounts added.
    • All the Classes were added.
    • All the Subjects were added


  • Marking Attendance for Madrasah Students and Teachers is easy in Ad-Din Mobile & Web App
  • Ad-Din solution offers Class and Subject Wise Attendance for Students. And Day wise for Teachers.
  • Students/Teachers are marked "Present" on-screen by default when you open the Attendance for marking for a particular day, to ease teachers' operation, hence during the morning or Subject wise or day roll call teacher/Admins only have to mark those who are late or absent and Save it. (PS Students/Teachers are not marked present till saved)
  • Below is the matrix who can do what with Attendance.





    Teacher Attendance


    Students Attendance



    View Self

    View Child

    The procedure to add Class & Attendance wise attendance varies in,

  • Ad-Din Mobile App and
  • Ad-Din Web Portal

You can take attendance from any device, records can be viewed or updated from any device types. Let's learn how to mark attendance, select the one applies to you

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