Setup Categories

Assessment Categories

Each Subject of a class must have relevant assessment categories such as Assignment, Homework, Quiz, Class Participation, Project etc. Ad-Din Solution has very robust calculation built in to it, use this excel spreadsheet that represent how the calculations are done automatically to meet the Ministry standards. Grade/%Marks are Automatically calculated based on the activities created and marked by teacher against these assessment categories. Final Grade Letter and or % Mark automatically lands on Ontario Education Board provincial report cards. % in below image is just an idea.

  1. To add the Academic Categories, click on three horizontal lines to open the full menu.
  2. Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Academic Activity
  3. Select the Category Management
  4. To View the existing categories, select the Class, Section, Subject and Status then click on View Category.
  5. To Add click on Add New on top right corner
  6. Select
    1. Class: Pick the correct Class from dropdown list.
    2. Class Section: Pick the correct Class from dropdown list.
    3. Subject: Pick the correct Subject from dropdown list.
    4. Category Type: Scored / Non-Scored
      1. Scored: Any activities against this category will be marked as number. i.e. our of 50
      2. Non-Scored: Any activities against this category will be marked as Yes/No i.e. Completed or Not!
    5. Category Name: Enter the name of the Category i.e. Assignments
    6. Weight In %: Enter the weight of this category over other. i.e. 40%
  7. When ready click on Save
  8. Repeat step 8) to 11) to add all the categories for each class and its section and for each subject.
  9. This is one time activity at Organization level.
  10. Typical Academic Categories mapping would look like this.

Deleting a Category is disruptive. This Action can't be reversed, the associated history of this Category will be lost, instead disable it.


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