How to Publish Announcements on LED/LCD Screens for your Masjid

This step by step will guide you on how to publish an announcement via Ad-Din. Save a Single PowerPoint Slide as an Image file for Ad-Din Announcement Images.


Step by Step guide

  1. Place the Display URL on your Masjid LED Screen
    1. Login to from your computer, go to Masjid > Prayer Times > Click on Display Tab and grab one of the desired URL
    2. Vertical Display Widget (for inside the Masjid on a small monitor) 
    3. Medium Display Widget (for Website embedding or to be used on the LED screen without the Announcements and Events being displayed on the right side)
    4. Large Horizontal Display Widget (for LED/LCD Screen in the Masjid, update the display settings i.e. scroll speed etc.)
    5. All you need is enter this URL in the Google Chrome or Firefox browser on the smart TV, some old TV doesn't support it well, so you may need either software upgrade or a small android box with up-to-date Opera, Chrome or Firefox browsers. The opera browser allows full screen in Android.
    6. Any prayer time changes or events and announcements will be updated every minute on the display.
  2. Large Display Size

    Large Horizontal Display Widget is the most popular, Recommended Pixels for images in the Dashboard/Display of LED/LCD are 960 x 1080 pixels. If your LED/LCD has less resolution, use the Ratio and this link to get pixels

    Recommended Image Size: 960w X 1080h
    Ratio Width:    8
    Ration Height  9

  3. Download this PowerPoint slides and update them as when needed and save it as an image to be used with Announcements, the instruction below. 
  4. Save a Power-Point slide as an image to be used with Announcements in Ad-Din.
    1. In the slide thumbnail pane, on the left side of the PowerPoint window, select the slide you want to save.

    2. Click File > Save As. Navigate to the folder where you want to save your slide.

    3. Type the name of your slide image in the Filename text box.

    4. Click to open the Save as Type drop-down menu. Select one of the following image formats for your slide.

      1. JPEG File Interchange Format (.jpg)

      2. Select PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (.png)

      3. Select GIF Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

    5. In the Save As dialog box, identify the type of file you want your slide saved as.
    6. Click Save. Review the PowerPoint dialog box, and select Just This One to save your selected slide as an image.
    7. When you are asked which slide you want to export, click Just This One.
  5. Add the announcements
    1. Login to from your computer, go to Masjid > Prayer Times > Click on Announcements tab > Add new Announcements
    2. Select the Start and End date, that Announcement will be shown on the LED Display in Masjid between those dates
    3. Here is a sample PowerPoint slides to make the announcements, just update in PowerPoint as desired and save the slide as picture and upload that picture as the announcement image to be displayed on LED.

You can select All Slides to save each slide in your presentation as an image. Each slide will be saved as a separate file.

The Events and Announcement will automatically show on the large display.

By Default the PowerPoint export slide to images resolution is 1280 x 720pixel. to change this refer to this article from Microsoft. How to change the export resolution of a PowerPoint slide


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