E-Signature for Report Cards

This article will explain how to upload E-Signature (image) in your Ad-Din User Profile. The E-Signature will be automatically applied to Teacher’s and Principal sign field on Academic (JK-Gr8) Report Cards.



Applying e-Signature on an Academic (JK-Gr8) Report Cards is three step process.

A. Building a signature file

Will show you two easy methods to build a signature file.

Using any image editor i.e. Microsoft Paint 3D

  1. Click on start on your windows computer and search for Paint 3D

  2. open and follow these steps to build a signature file with correct dimensions.

  3. Save the file as mysign.png on your my document folder.

  4. Make sure the width is 300px and height is 70px for the file.





  6. If you don't have Paint 3D or similar image editor, you can follow 2nd option to build image file.

Pen & Paper Method

  1. Take a pen and paper and do a signature as you usually do.

  2. With your phone take a picture and download it to your computer via USB cable or email.

  3. If you picture image had shadow or background it may not appear good on the Report Card. To clean the background you can use a professional software or free web service at your own discretion i.e. this site will clean the background and give you a clean file https://www.remove.bg/upload.

  4. Save the clean file in your my documents folder and proceed to uploading E-Signature step.

B. Self uploading E-Signature to your user profile in Ad-Din.

  1. Login to https://portal.ad-din.ca

  2. Click on “Profile” on top right corner.


  4. Click on the “Pen” icon and select the signature image file you build, click on Update

  5. You have successfully uploaded the E-Signature to your profile.

  6. Your signature is now ready to be included on the Academic Report cards

If you find it difficult to self-upload signature file, Your Madrasah Administrator can also upload the signature for you from the User Management, by editing a teachers or Admin account.

C. Signing the Academic Report Cards with digital signature.

  1. Assuming you have uploaded the signature to your profile.

  2. Simply check ON the box to “ADD DIGITAL SIGNATURE”



Please note “Re-Generate” is NOT required if report are already built, simply checking the “Add Digital Signature” box will apply the signature.

Changes will not take effect until you click Save.

Whose signature will go on report card?

  1. Teacher who is selected as a Class Section Teacher, you can validate it from Ad-Din Mobile App or Web portal.ad-din.ca : Madrasah / School > Admin Portal > Class Section > Select and Edit Class section > Validate Class Teacher

  2. User account who is selected as principal, you can validate it from: Settings > Organization > Organization Management > [select organization] > Other Organization Services > Organisation Principal Settings > Validate Principal Names.

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