Parent-Teacher Interview

This feature in Ad-Din Solutions offers a structured approach in organizing the Parent-Teacher interviews, it allows teachers to breakdown the duration (i.e. day or hours) into small time-slots (i.e. 5 or 10 min) which become available for parents to book from Ad-Din App. Once a time-slot is booked by the parent, it can not be booked by another parent. A parent and teacher can add their preliminary notes on the things they want to discuss during the meeting. Collective notes and next steps are recorded by the Teacher at the time of the interview. The teacher can also record a parent’s attendance/participation in the interview. Automated notification of the event follows pre and posts the interview.

This knowledgebase article will give you step-by-step instructions on setting up the parent-teacher interview in Ad-Din Solutions.


Setting up a Parent-Teacher interview is 4 Step process.

  1. Administrator: Adds a Parent-Teacher Interview Event from Manage Interviews i.e. “2020-Parent-Teacher Interview”

  2. Teacher: Add a Parent-Teacher Interview Details, which includes all the interview details, i.e. Class, Section, Subject (Optional), date, duration, start and end time, room#. Appointment duration, gap, and the general note about the interview.

  3. Parent: An automated notification is sent out to parent informing about the release of a Parent-Teacher interview, Parent can log in to Ad-Din app and from the Parent, portal book/pick a time slot that works for them.

  4. Conducting Interview: On the interview day, the Teacher can open the time slot picked by a parent and discuss the report/progress, including the preliminary notes that the parent, teacher recorded about a child. Collective notes and parent's attendance are recorded by a Teacher.


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