How to setup custom "Sender Name" & "Email"

Custom Sender Name & Email

When you send transactional or bulk emails from Ad-Din, your email “From” name (the display name, also known as the email Sender name) tells your recipients who sent them the message the default is Ad-Din / . It is just as important as your subject line and can be the determining factor as to whether your email is opened, or ignored.

This new feature in Ad-Din lets you set the Display name, From email address and Reply-to Email address when a transactional or custom emails are sent from Ad-Din. This feature replaces the default Ad-Din sender name and email.

Using a Custom Sender Name & Email makes it more likely for your emails to be delivered and for receiver to open and respond when they recognize your familiar and trusted brand.

How it Works

Your goal is to build trust as a branded email sender, which will encourage the recipients to open your email and engage with the content. However, building trust takes time and, most importantly, relevancy and consistency.

Every single message you send is a touchpoint that leaves an impression on your customers and marks how they perceive your brand.

Using a Custom Sender Name & Email makes it more likely for your emails to be delivered and for receiver to open and respond when they recognize your familiar and trusted brand.

Setting up a Custom Sender Name & Email

Your Ad-Din Administrator can choose to set it up for the entire organization.


  • Keep the From Name as short as possible while making sure it correctly reflects your brand.

  • Stick to the names you’ve chosen to establish and maintain brand consistency.

  • Don’t use an email address as your name; that’s a sign of poor branding, and can look like spam. Use more generic name for example as below.

  • We need these details to get started

    • From/Display Name: IIT, MAJ, IFT, Masjid Al Jannah, Malton Masjid, Darul Uloom Zakariya…

    • From Email: or

    • Reply-to Email: or

Add Custom Sender Name & Email

  1. Sing in to with you Ad-Din administrators account.

  2. Select Settings > Organization > Organization Subscription Management

  3. Select “Subscribe Now” on “Custom Sender Name & Email”

  4. A yearly subscription charge will be applied to your saved payment method. If paying by invoice, the feature will not be enabled till the payment is made.

  5. Once the subscription is active a “Manage” button is activated, click on it.

  6. Enter and Save the Display Name, From email and Reply-to email.

  7. Check the inbox of the email address used to create your identity and look for an email from

  8. When you attempt to verify an email address, Amazon SES sends an email to that address that resembles the example shown below.

  9. Open the email and click the link to complete the verification process for the email address. After it's complete, the Identity status updates to Verified.

  10. Your Custom Sender Name & Email is now active, all transactional email and custom emails will be sent using this Sender Name & Email.

  11. To change or delete the from name, email and reply to address, click on Manage and click on Delete.

If you delete the entire verification process from the step 5 to 10 has to be repeated to set it up again.

Replies to Email

Organization Administrator can also choose a reply-to email address so replies emails are addressed promptly.

Common Questions

Can we set up more than one Custom Sender Name & Email?

Nope—your team can only have one Custom Sender Name & Email.

How much it costs for a Custom Sender Name & Email?

$65 CAD for an entire year.

Do I have to purchase it separately for Masjid, Madrasah/School?

Yes—in Ad-Din Masjid and Madrasah/School are two different organization.

Why do you recommend using a subdomain?

While you can choose to use a top level domain, it isn’t industry best practice. We recommend choosing a subdomain to get better email deliverability and reduce the risk of your emails ending up in a spam folder.

Why some emails are still sent as “Ad-Din” from

For common functions like Password reset, Account Setup, Modify Masjid/Madrasah/School, Modifying User Accounts, User Account Email Verification, Claims etc., a default (“Ad-Din” /  “”) will be used. Only Transactional email and custom emails will be sent via Custom Sender Name & Email.

What happens if my Custom Sender subscription expires?

Once the the subscription ends, a grace period of 30 days begins, if the subscription is not renewed and grade period ends, all your email will be sent from our default name and domain (“Ad-Din” /  “”).

Start sending branded Emails

The organization should let everyone know about this change of Custom Sender Name & Email and what to expect, including where replies to emails will go.

Once set up, all automatic transactional email and custom emails will use the Custom Sender Name & Email. Any emails sent before the Custom Sender Name & Email was set up will appear to be from default Ad-Din sender name “Ad-Din” and email “”.

Why a custom email sender is helpful

A custom email sender can have numerous benefits.

Improved compliance and efficiency As awareness of phishing attacks has improved, general distrust of email has grown. Ad-Din notifications sometimes go unopened and recipients might report them as phishing attempts. This can have a variety of negative effects, like burdening your IT team with false positives, impeding audits, and reducing compliance and insight. A familiar name can help recipients recognize and trust an email.

Improved communication you can use your custom email sender as a Reply-To address so email recipients can verify the legitimacy of an email or request more information.

Ad-Din Administrators - Here is how the one-time verification email will look when you are setting it up.

Dear Ad-Din Customer,

We have received a request to authorize this email address for use with Ad-Din to approve it as Custom Sender Name & Email. If you requested this verification, please go to the following URL to confirm that you are authorized to use this email address:


Your request will not be processed unless you confirm the address using this URL. This link expired 24 hours after your original verification request.

If you did NOT request to verify this email address, do not click on the link. Please note that many times, the situation isn’t a phishing attempt, but either a misunderstanding of how to use our service, or someone setting up email-sending capabilities on your behalf as part of a legitimate service, but without having fully communicated the procedure first.

To learn more about sending email using Custom Sender Name & Email from Ad-Din, please refer to the Ad-Din guide at . If you need further assistance please open a support ticket at  Ad-Din Customer Support -


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