Step-by-step guide to View, Add, Edit, Delete Exam using Ad-Din Web Portal

To Add Exams from a web portal, follow below steps.
Recommended browsers are latest version of Google Chrome and Firefox.

View Exam

Depending on your Role you can view the Exam, please refer to introduction section for permission matrix.
To View the Exams,

  • Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Exam
  • Here you can view all the Exam Admin has added.
    You can click on the exam to see the details such as subjects and exam times.

Add Exam

Depending on your Role you can Add/Edit the Exam, please refer to introduction section for permission matrix.
To Add the Exam,

  • Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Exam
  • Tap on + Add button

  • Select the Class (1)
  • Give a meaningful name for the Exam i.e. 2018: Full Time Hifz Final Exam (so like Year: Class & Exam Type) (1)
  • Enter the description for the Exam, this will be visible to Parents, Students and Teachers. (1)
  • Exam Lock
    • ON: Teachers can NOT modify Exam Marks, This is desired state, release the lock during or after exam when you want teacher to update the marks
    • OFF: Teachers can modify the Exam Marks for this exam.
  • Next (2) select the
  • Subject
  • Date of Exam for this subject
  • Start and End Time
  • Click on Add Subjects to the Exam
  • The subject will be added on right, if you made a mistake you can remove the subject by click on X in top right corner of the Subject box.
  • Repeat the same to add More subjects to this exam
  • Once Done
  • Click on Save (3), when prompted click on Yes
  • You have successfully Added an Exam, relevant subjects and the date and time for the Exams.
  • Immediately an email and Push notification will be sent out to the Teachers, Parents & Students of this Class of a new scheduled Exam.

Edit Exam

  • To Edit an Exam, simply select the exam (1)
  • Click on Edit button,
  • New window with exam details be appear, update as desired and click on Save.

Delete Exam

  • To Delete an Exam, select the desired exam (1)
  • Click on Delete button (2)
  • When prompted click on Yes (3)
  • After you Delete, the exam cancellation notification will be sent automatically. Hence its recommended to double ensure when deleting the exam so the Parents, Students and Teachers don't get confused.

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