Import Data

Your Account must have Madrasah Admin rights to perform this activity.
We recommend you always add few records manually but very accurately in above supported modules, then do an export which will give you a full working sample file from that module, unzip that file in your working folder, open and Save it as Excel format so you can update the desired data using the powerful Excel formulas.
Understand the data values, the columns and format prior to working with exported CSV file. If unsure we highly recommend to avoid the Import / Export as it may screw up your account big time and you may have to start from scratch. Support for this type of incidents from Ad-Din is chargeable service.
Top open a support ticket click here. Or copy paste this link in your browser:


  1. Do not change the Column Names,
  2. Do not add a new column, temporary columns for work purpose are fine but do ensure to remove them after you are done.

When done and Export the file to CSV format as explained above. And go to the same module in Ad-Din Web Portal and click on Import button > provide the exported csv file and click on Import > voila! your data will be successfully imported.

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