Setup Academic Subject and Strands


Each Class must consist relevant subjects. Setting up the Subjects properly is the key to successful deployment. As well a requirement for mapping properly to Ontario Education Board provincial report cards.


In some Academic Subjects there are strands i.e. Mathematics. Ad-Din offers many out of the box Strands that you can select against the Academic Subject. You can also add custom strands for your custom subjects. For Ontario Education Board ensure the strands selected meets the ministry and reporting requirements.

  1. To add the Academic Subjects, click on three horizontal lines to open the full menu.
  2. Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Subjects

  1. Click on + Add to add new subject
  2. Fill the
    1. Subject Name
    2. Select the Class this subject is applicable to
    3. Select the Teachers who teaches this subject for this grade.
    4. Select all the applicable strands
    5. Click Save
  3. Repeat steps 2) to 4) to add all the subjects for each Grade.
  4. You may end up making more than 100 subjects for each grade. This is one-time activity.
  5. Your Subject mapping should look like this for Academic Setup, including any Islamic Studies subjects if taught together.

Deleting a Subject is disruptive. This Action can't be reversed, the associated history of this Subject will be lost. Instead rename it as desired or carefully analyze and then decide to delete.


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