Setup Academic Class Sections

  1. To add the Academic Class Section, click on three horizontal lines to open the full menu.
  2. Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Class Section
  3. Select the Class
  4. Click on + Add
  5. Fill the Add Class Section popup accurately. And click on Save.
    1. Class Teacher: "Select from dropdown", This teacher will be like a homeroom teacher can take attendance, mark activities etc.
    2. Enter Class Section: "You can make this name up i.e. "A-IP" (Recommendation: Section A - Teacher first and last name initial.)
    3. Student Capacity in this section: This will help admin to not overload one class
  6. Repeat steps from 6) to 8) above to add all the class section for JK to Grade 8. Minimum 1 needed.
  7. Now add all the students to this class section. And ensure they are all correctly mapped.