Setup Academic Class Sections


Each Class must have at least one Class Section. i.e. your organization may have more than allowed kids for a specific grade. In that case you have to split the class in to two. i.e. Grade 2 Section A, Grade 2 Section B. In Ad-Din you must have at least one Class section per class to start with and can add more sections as your students count grow.

  1. To add the Academic Class Section, click on three horizontal lines to open the full menu.
  2. Navigate to Madrasah > Admin Portal > Class Section
  3. Select the Class
  4. Click on + Add
  5. Fill the Add Class Section popup accurately. And click on Save.
    1. Class Teacher: "Select from dropdown", This teacher will be like a homeroom teacher can take attendance, mark activities etc.
    2. Enter Class Section: "You can make this name up i.e. "A-IP" (Recommendation: Section A - Teacher first and last name initial.)
    3. Student Capacity in this section: This will help admin to not overload one class
  6. Repeat steps from 6) to 8) above to add all the class section for JK to Grade 8. Minimum 1 needed.
  7. Now add all the students to this class section. And ensure they are all correctly mapped.

Deleting Class Section

Deleting a Class Section is disruptive. This Action can't be reversed, the associated history of this Class Section will be lost. Instead de-link it from the teacher and rename it with prefix "Don't use – class section name" or as desired, or carefully analyze and then decide to delete.


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